We bought a small poly-tunnel four years ago to help in the growing of plants (especially peppers) for some of our products. It has done sterling service but a replacement was required.

Commercial poly-tunnels can be very expensive and our policy about being as green as possible on the farm led me to investigating the possibility of constructing one using recycled materials. This led me to getting in contact with David Urmston, who has some experience in constructing tunnels, and asking him to build our new tunnel.

The tunnel was constructed during the gales in the latter part of December 2013 and early January 2014.

The material used was mainly sourced from recycled and reclaimed materials; the polythene sheeting originated from off-cuts from a pick your own farm, the old scaffolding bars from a construction company, the timber from off-cuts from a forestry timber yard and the only new timber from a sustainable source. Our thanks to David, who built it under very difficult conditions (it survived every gale!) and managed to keep smiling.

David would be pleased to tell you more about his work and aspirations. You can contact him by visiting www.oxfordpcsolutions.co.uk.