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We are delighted that our Hot & New Smooth Mustard has received high recognition again!

It has been voted as a favourite and one of Shop the top cheap nfl jerseys 5 British smooth mustards by the Great British Food in magazine, (October 2015 issue), a leading food magazine and the only one dedicated 100% to British food.

This acclaim is added to the Great Taste Silver Award 1999 that our Hot & Smooth Mustard won soon after cheap mlb jerseys its introduction.

This wholesale nfl jerseys was our first smooth mustard introduced in 1998 and is made in the traditional English
style using finely ground mustard flour sale with some turmeric added for colour.

The addition of cheap nba jerseys honey softens the characteristic bitter edge of English mustard. This is another popular mustard and besides it usual use as in a condiment it is and excellent ingredient in sauces.